Quest3’s Integration with Steam

Aim, Vision and Goal

It’s utterly valuable for GameFi project parties to get access to Steam players’ information, which all will be regarded as potential users.

Quest3 dedicates itself to helping the growth of the Web3 projects, through the integration with Steam, a more complete game community will be forged and the deeper connection between users and GameFi projects will be strengthened.

Steam Quest Templates Supported

Five exclusive task templates have been developed along with it:

  1. Connect with Steam
  2. This template requires a user to link a Steam account to his Quest3 account.
  3. Total play time on Steam
  4. Quest hosts can now verify the play time that a certain user has spent on Steam
  5. Number of games own on Steam
  6. This will give Quest hosts access to verify how many games are owned by a user on Steam
  7. Own a specified game on Steam
  8. To verify if a certain game is owned by a Quester. Enter the specified game link from steam to do so
  9. Play a specified game on Steam
  10. Requiring questers to play a particular game for a specific period of time. A URL can be put in the task for users to jump to so that users can directly start to play the game required

Benefits for Project Parties

The Steam templates that Quest3 has developed definitely will bring lots of benefits for GameFi projects, except for the user growth, which there absolutely will be, also the enrichment of the DID information of GameFi players. In addition, heavy game players can be filtered for stratified customer acquisition.

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