Quest3 to QuestN, Rushing further!

4 min readMar 20, 2023


Quest3’s brand upgrade

In 2022, a Web3 star with great potential was born.

We started the project Quest3 on 19th July, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it has been a really long process to achieve what we have now. More than 30 updates and iterations in total have been published, averaging less than 10 days per release. Powered by HogwartsLabs, Quest3 grew into a thrilling and vibrant ecosystem with millions of users and has renewed itself from a small-scale task platform to a success story with greatly expanded users, scenarios, and ecology.

Accomplishments achieved

  • Registered users: 1.7M +
  • Communities(Advertisers): 19K +
  • DAU: 60K+
  • MAU: 380K
  • Quest and event templates: 100 +
  • Twitter followers: 108K+
  • Discord Server members: 64.5K+
  • Telegram channel subscribers: 20K+
  • Multiple chains supported
  • Global community

Quest3 has made excellent achievements in the past few months as a new project. Now, we’ve got more than 1.7 million registered users on Quest3, more than communities as quest hosts. Our DAU reached 60K and MAU reached 380K. Due to the customized-entry service we support, we now have more than 100 quest and event templates.

In terms of ecosystem coverage, Quest3 has supported Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, KCC, Arbitrum One, and Optimism, while looking at the development of new public chains, focusing on Starknet, Scroll and Sui ecosystem.

Strong communities are essential and critical because they’re often an important source of social connection and a sense of belonging. While user growth is increasing rapidly, Quest3 has always devoted itself to building a better community for its users. Quest3’s Twitter has more than 108,000 followers, and the members in Quest3’s Discord channel reached 64,000, as well as almost 20,000 subscribers on the Telegram channel.

Another key thing to remember is that Quest3 has many top projects in the industry across various fields as clients and partners. For example, BNB Chain, ZetaChain, OKC and KCC are top ecosystem partners; for major exchange, Bybit, OKX and Bitmart are growing with us; Yeeha Games, GameSpace, Gameta and P12 are also our strategic partners in the GameFi fields. Nevertheless, Trader Joe, DODO, Integral are our main DeFi clients; CyberConnect and Mask Network are also close partners that have been onboarded from the beginning; and many more excellent partners not mentioned here.

We are a team with the firm ideal that Crypto will definitely become an emerging industry, which will change everyone’s life and make the world more potential. Our original intention of founding Quest3 is to help Web3 projects’ growth and bring the products of Crypto to the world. For hundreds of millions of users worldwide, driven by this original intention, no matter how many challenges it is, we will move forward bravely.

3 to N

We are committed to helping customers effectively grow user numbers and achieve more accurate advertising. The purpose of this re-brand is to express better where we are and where we are planning to go.

Having this solid goal in mind, it’s with great anticipation and honor that our team decided to rename our brand from Quest3 to QuestN, we changed the suffix “3” to “N”- ”Non specified number”, which intimate that our project will trot further and more possibilities would be explored and discovered.

We don’t want to be homogenized and give the users first impressions of stereotypes, we’re a cutting-edge marketing tool after all. QuestN stands for “Quest to Earn”, which is also the essence of our project that users can claim all sorts of rewards on it.

Marketing, Growth and Analysis For Web3, QuestN’s slogan fully expressed our train services including reaching users, getting users, then analyzing users. It is beyond imagination that the whole process could be fulfilled just on QuestN, especially the new features of analysis, touching base on the source of users, user portraits, activity curve and contribution ranking which will apparently help when it comes to the data and stats of a certain quest or event, enabling clients to understand how to reach users especially from Web2 to fulfill a more precise marketing needs.

Looking back at the hardships and achievements that we’ve been through at this moment, we made it through not just because of how strong our team is, nor how lucky we are.

The first reason is that tens of millions of customers around the world have accompanied us in our growth for all this time. This is a huge trust and gives us endless motivation, and that all is insinuated in the letter “N”. Moreover, because our project is completely free and permissionless to use, in addition to our stable, reliable and efficient service, most importantly, Quest3 has never stopped iterating with a new version being released every single week, we’ve drawn a lot of users as well. Though we changed our brand from Quest3 to QuestN, “Free” and “Permissionless” are the tags we will forever hold, and continue to provide the Web3 industry with the best service we can offer.

Bright future ahead

In terms of future developments, QuestN’s mobile APP will be officially released in the second quarter of 2023 and continue to onboarding more new Web2 users.

Keep an eye on our official channels of notification to stay ahead our the game!

QuestN, from a single functional tool focusing on growth to a multi-marketing scenario service, providing Marketing, Growth and Analysis services to GameFi and other projects in multidiscipline, there is plenty of room for imagination in the future.

We’ve set our goal to be a one-stop web3 marketing growth and analysis platform, so that’s where we’re heading, and behold, it will be witnessed that QuestN was meant to be the best.

Stunning news will keep coming, stay tuned blokes!