Introduction to Steam Quest Templates

6 min readJan 31, 2023

Quest3, as being an all-in-one growth tool in the Web3 world, has actively urged an integration with Steam. We believe that with the use of Steam quest templates on Quest3, will be a creative as well as efficient way for GameFi projects to acquire new users from the traditional Web2 space. Quest3’s mission is to make this a streamlined flow.

In case you missed it, Quest3 has newly integrated with Steam — the Web2 giant Gaming Platform. Curious about what are they and how to use? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the five exclusive quest templates individually, walk you through the different options and setting, and deep dive into how to make them as your one stop solution to make your project growth.

Track those who is a player — addictive or casual

At the core of every campaign is to understand the user portrait — but how do we keep track of which group of user are we targeting?

The first step is to verify whether a user own a Steam account. Whether a user is addictive to game or playing game as a leisure. You may track them by using the template — Connect with Steam. This template requires a user to link a Steam account to his Quest3 account first, similar with verify a user is whether your Twitter follower or not. Both template will require user to link with their Web2 account.

Use Connect with Steam if:

  • you prefer simplicity & speed
  • you would like to engage your audience,
  • grow your followers and
  • strengthen your community

The key takeaway here is to start simple and build on top of it. Begin with this template to grow and target your audience in your quest.

Portal View

User View

Verification in-depth — total play time on Steam

One of the best ways to promote your project is by running interesting, engaging quest and giveaways that incentivise powerful promotional actions that will build awareness and get more user understanding your project.

With this awesome template you can get users to win your reward by verifying the play time that a certain user has spent on Steam. It is a perfect way to delight your followers, reach new, casual or even heavy players by entering different value of the Play Time.

Using template like this and Connect with Steam are a simple but incredibly effective strategy. Adding this template not only can focus on growing followers, but a high-value actions are also included. Both templates have a nearly similar design, except the Total Play Time on Steam devotes more actions to understand user portrait in a deeper sense, as well as place more focus on looking into the overall actions a user has made on the platform.

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User View

Navigate between games

When you try to understand how many games do a user own on steam, you will need to choose this template — Number of games own on Steam. This template enables your access to verify how many games are owned by a user on Steam. Understanding the data here not only creates the impression of a user’s gaming hobby, but his or her willingness to spend on gaming is accessible in one way or another.

With all the fun games per user own on Steam, you will want to bridge them into the Web3 world. Multiple studies have demonstrated that if a user is proven to be a traditional game player, they are more keen to know and experience GameFi projects in the blockchain industry. Quest3’s aim on this template is to help Web3 projects to bridge users from the traditional Web2 spaces enabling project parties to grow player, followers and even supporters.

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User View

Build a quest that scales

Create a quest for your project using the following two exclusive templates: Own a specified game on Steam and Play a specified game on Steam. Both quest templates are powerful features that can unlock your marketing potential as well as ensuring that the bulk of questers will be gamers and gaming fans who had high potential of becoming early players, followers and supporters.

Use Own a specified game on Steam if:

  • You would like to verify if a certain game is owned by a Quester. You may do so by entering the specified game link generated from Steam
  • e.g. DOTA2, CSGO, Assassin’s Creed, etc.
  • You would like to find out your target audience
  • This template allows you to find out and also award users who have played a similar type of game you specified
  • For instance, your project focuses on STG, you may enter a STG game link generated from Steam to find your target audience

Use Play a specified game on Steam if:

  • You would like to understand whether users have played a particular game for a specific period of time. A URL can be put in the task for users to jump to so that users can directly start to play the game as required
  • To make your quest more appealing and
  • Acquire a certain type of gamers, from the perspective of game type and length of gaming time

Both actions are incredibly important to promote your project, especially your game, build awareness, drive social engagement and get more valuable people understanding your project and even playing your game.

Portal View

User View

The five newly developed Steam quest templates open up a direct line of communication with an enthusiastic Web2 gaming audience of potential Web3 players and gives you ownership over the relationship without having to rely on external social media platforms to reach and engage your leads. The most engaging, effective and budget-friendly way is by running a quest with Quest3. With our ready-to-go templates you can give away a reward and let people enter your quest. This is a perfect way to incentivise users and build an audience from scratch, engage leads who you can reach out to and promote your brand and drive conversions. Combing with our other templates can dive powerful, customizable actions that will help you boost social media followers, get more website visitors, community members, and drive email signups and so much more.

So what are you waiting for?