Announcement of integration with OKT Chain

2 min readMar 28, 2023

The Web3 industry is thriving rapidly, and with more and more projects getting launched, a SaaS platform that provides services for these project parties is desperately needed.

With the growth demands intensified, a number of task platforms have emerged. QuestN also starts from there, communities on QuestN publishing quests and events for their marketing goals. QuestN will offer specific features like API-customized templates, marketing shoutouts in communities, and technical support for the Web 3 industry, especially the projects on OKTC (OKT Chain). QuestN dedicates itself to helping its customers to better complete user acquisition through all sorts of services it provides.

But QuestN is far more than that, it understands the needs of users way better. The purpose of its recent re-brand is to express better where Quest3 was and where QuestN is planning to go. So after this, QuestN has become an all-in-one SaaS service platform, including marketing, growth, analysis, and the train services of reaching users, getting users, then analyzing users. The whole process could be fulfilled just on QuestN, especially the new features of analysis, touching base on the source of users, user portraits, activity curve, and contribution ranking which will apparently help when it comes to the data and stats of a certain quest or event, enabling clients to understand how to reach users, especially from Web2 to fulfill a more precise marketing needs.

Having recently connected with OKTC, a great number of new users will be gained to enhance QuestN’s ecological landscape, while QuestN will give full play to not only our greatest advantages but also strengths and spaces to provide services to the OKTC ecosystem, supporting OKTC’s campaigns on QuestN in the near future.

In terms of future developments, QuestN’s mobile APP will be officially released in the second quarter of 2023 and continue to onboarding more new Web2 users.

QuestN, from a single functional tool focusing on growth to a multi-marketing scenario service, providing Marketing, Growth and Analysis services to GameFi and other projects in multidiscipline, there is plenty of room for imagination in the future.QuestN has set the goal to be a one-stop web3 marketing growth and analysis platform, so that’s where it is heading, and behold, it will be witnessed that QuestN was meant to be the best.
Stunning news will keep coming, stay tuned blokes!