Announcement of a new partnership with The Harvest

2 min readDec 2, 2022

Hey, Questers:

Quest3 is delighted to officially announce our partnership with The Harvest, a fresh take on Free-to-Play, Third-person Hero Shooters, with the added feature of Ability Cards! This partnership is the first step in bringing quality Web2 games into the Web3 market.

Quest3 will support The Harvest in extending its reach to a global audience. As it stands, The Harvest boasts a particularly strong player base in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Through this partnership, Quest3 will expand its community through a constant stream of campaigns that would delight every gamer interacting with our platform.

The Harvest is successfully operating its Closed Beta phase now and has made grand strides even in the last quarter alone! First, it is the only GameFi project selected for BinanceLabs’ S5 Incubation Program. Second, it is one out of 5 nominees slated to be the Game of the Year! Finally, The Harvest is one of 7 co-hosts of the “Golden Shooter 2022” event, primed to be the hottest event on BNB Chain’s Football Fiesta! This event celebrates the festive season of the FIFA world series that has united a global audience in one wave.

Together, we will take kick off our many goals in building together, rewarding our most loyal communities, and bringing value to all our Questers and Partners.

About The Harvest

The Harvest is a fresh new take on Hero Shooters. Fight along with your teammates from different civilizations against other players to take control of the universe’s essence. Gear up your hero through the card system to define your combat style, jump into the battle and dominate the battlefield!

About Quest3

Quest3 is a Marketing Tool Collection for Sustainable Web3 Project Growth incubated by Hogwarts Labs.

We have 40+ quest and event templates, both on-chain and off-chain, that are completely free and open for everyone and constantly growing in variety.

Quest3 is aiming to be the Web3 native advertising platform, on which ads will be delivered in a fun and gamified way. Existing customers are operating in the fields of public chains, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, protocols and KOLs.

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