Announcement of a new partnership with MUADAO

2 min readDec 12, 2022


We are excited to announce that Quest3 is partnering with MUA DAO. MUA DAO is a metaverse asset infrastructure with a global community of talented and competent content creators.

It is worth mentioning that MUA DAO was one of the sponsorships for our ongoing event “the Golden Shooter 2022”, the content creators of MUA also let the banner of Quest3 fly high in the land of the Metaverse, and for this, we forever hold our gratitude to MUA DAO. Through this partnership, we will dedicate ourselves to helping MUA DAO with user growth and traffic in the days to come.

A solid worldwide community is required for the success of any Web3 initiative. Quest3 has users literally all over the world, Southeast Asia in particular, the next web3 point break. Quest3 surely will gather more users from this region for MUA DAO.

Quest3 will help MUA DAO jointly hold more events in the future, explore new ways to increase web3 traffic especially in combining metaverse and quests together and let assets and traffic collide with more dazzling sparks. MUA DAO will bring quest3 into the metaverse, and bring the metaverse to more people.


MUA DAO is a barrier-free infrastructure for businesses connecting to the Metaverse. Through diversified self-developed tools such as MUA Super Editor, MUA Metaverse DEX, and MUA REITs, the MUA DAO community gathers metaverse architects, virtual land owners, and IP brands. The MUA DAO provides businesses with more compositionality and high digital asset liquidity, enabling companies to generate digital business models in the metaverse smoothly.

About Quest3

Quest3 is a Marketing Tool Collection for Sustainable Web3 Project Growth incubated by Hogwarts Labs.

We have 40+ quest and event templates, both on-chain and off-chain, that are completely free and open for everyone and constantly growing in variety.

Quest3 is aiming to be the Web3 native advertising platform, on which ads will be delivered in a fun and gamified way. Existing customers are operating in the fields of public chains, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, protocols and KOLs.

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