$20,000 Prize Pool for Golden Shooter 2022

5 min readNov 18, 2022

Who is ready for one of the hottest activities — Golden Shooter 2022 !

Participate in the prediction to share the prize pool.

In addition to the 20,000 U prize pool, there are Golden Shooter 2022-limited NFT and trading cards of great collection value. Invite your friends to come and cheer for the World Cup together!

The co-hosts of Golden Shooter 2022 are here: YeehaGame, Quoll, TheHarvest, MUADAO, Clover, Gameta, and Uniwhale

The World’s Focus

The Football Cup is a global hotspot and a sports feast held every four years, and one of the most eye-catching activities in human history. There were more than 3.5 billion views of the last Football Cup.

We’ve launched “The Golden Shooter 2022” for sports fans

We will still get excited about the football when it starts, but what we can also do during the next five weeks is shine a light on Quest3. In order to celebrate this global sports feast with our sports fan friends, Quest3 has made full preparations and launched an event called “The Golden Shooter 2022”.

Brief Intro of the Event

“The Golden Shooter 2022” is based on the Football Cup, a special prediction template was developed to meet up with the mainstream of the Football Cup, bringing more interactions between users and the Football Cup.

Questers can participate in the official event by completing the quests titled by different Web3 projects. Quest3’s winning team prediction templates give users opportunities to acclaim and win alongside the support team throughout the whole event.

Questers can cast prediction votes to different teams, and then keep an eye on the progress of the games and hold your breath at every moment of shots to the goal!

Event schedule

  • Event Period: November 20, 2022 → December 25, 2022
  • Prediction Period: November 20, 2022 → December 18, 2022

Quest3 has prepared 20,000U, limited NFTs, and star cards into the total prize pool, participate in the event and make the right prediction, with luck you’ll win numerous rewards!

The prize pool is sponsored by YeehaGame, Quoll, TheHarvest, MUADAO, Clover, Gameta, and Uniwhale.

We have prepared some predictions in total, predict a certain game correctly to get a star card, and predicting more than 6 games correctly will make you qualified to divide the prize pool.

Quick passage to the Event: https://app.quest3.xyz/event/703835991467524274

On the other hand, project parties can also participate in the event by joining Quest3’s incentive scheme.

BNB Chain also offered their help to our Event, there will be a position on its landing page for our upcoming event to be exposed, so you can also discover our event on the BNB Chain’s landing page and enter through that gate.

Golden Shooter 2022 in DCL

MUADAO has built a virtual stadium for Quest3 in Decentraland which users can play football. There’re team flags of the Football Cup in the middle of the stadium, and the winners’ flags will ascend as the competition progress. Please be at will to take a jolly tour!

Project parties are also welcome to use the prediction templates themselves to create Football Cup-related quests. Using the Football Cup theme template to publish quests will automatically make you join the Football Cup incentive scheme. Quest3 will provide traffic support such as banner positions, recommended quest spots, and social media announcements.

As we count down to the start of the global showpiece in Qatar on 20th November, Quest3 is more than excited to welcome all friends to join the Football Cup-themed event — “The Golden Shooter 2022.

Let us all hold our breath within minutes of the final whistle, and witness sports history together on Quest3!

Co-hosts of the Golden Shooter 2022

Yeeha Games

Yeeha Games is a video games platform that aims to elevate gaming experiences with blockchain and NFT technology. In pursuit of this goal, Yeeha Games will be launching a series of first party titles while also creating an ecosystem where enhanced video games can thrive.


Quoll Finance is a Multichain veToken aggregator and yield booster incubated by @WombatExchange and powered by @BNBCHAIN. It is aimed to bring the stableswap ecosystem to the next level. Quoll Finance leverages the veToken/boosted yield model adopted by Wombat Exchange to provide a boosted yield for LPs and extra reward to WOM holders with a tokenized version of veWOM, qWOM. Moreover, Quoll Finance will utilize their expertise to provide long term return by sourcing, incubating and investing on early stage crypto projects.

The Harvest

The Harvest is a fresh take on Hero Shooters. Fight along with your 3-man squad and battle 3 other teams to take control of the universe’s essence. Gear up your hero through our unique ability card system to define your combat style! Craft the meta, jump into the battle and dominate the battlefield!


MUA DAO is the metaverse asset infrastructure, offering several self-developed tools to bring architects in the real world into the web3 metaverse design.MUA DAO community gathers metaverse architects, virtual land owners, and IP brands, providing product development services that cover its entire life cycle while creating Web3 experiences for different metaverses.


CLV (previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.The CLV chain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain all-in-one wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, and Gaming purposes.Featured by Coinlist as one of the most noteworthy projects in 2021 and backed by major industry institutions such as Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Huobi and OKex’s Ventures Arm, with our multi-dimensional products lineup, CLV uniquely positioned itself as “Passport to the Omniverse”.


Gameta is a hypercasual entertainment network aimed at bringing large scale Web2 users to Web3 effortlessly. The platform aimes to bring 20 million Web2 users into web3 through hypercasual games in 18 months.


Uniwhale Exchange is an Oracle-based real-time decentralized leverage exchange build on Arbitrum / BNB Chain / Polygon / Avalanche.